Saturday, February 24, 2018

Peek-a-Boo Project-Creating a Masterpiece

My masterpieces are not pretty and pristine, they are messier more chaotic creations of my artistic aesthetic...which is sometimes describe as controlled chaos or eclectic enchantment. My art is a perfect union of form and function. From the madness that is me has escaped some outstanding pieces of art. This is a glimpse into the many techniques it takes to create one of my treasure books.

Supplies: Lineco Acid-Free Binder's Bookboard, Carl DC-220 15" Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer, painters tape, shredded tissue paper, matt gel, decorative paper, Tyvek, UHU glue stick, various inks, stamps, washi tape, micro screws, screwdriver, parallel wire cutters, cut 2 jeweler file,  acrylic inks, crackle paste, embossing paste, polymer clay embellishments, wooden cradle, awl, waxed nylon thread, pictorial scrapbook paper, Southworth Specialty Parchment Copper Paper, Weldbond glue, Ziploc filled with kitty litter or other weighted items, rust pastes, alcohol inks, bone folder, ink jet prints of images, rubbing alcohol and water in spray bottles, and needle
1.  Using Carl's Cutter cut Bookboard for front and back covers and spine. Tape edge of cover that touches the spine with painters tape.
2.  Use shredded paper technique to cover front cover attaching with mat gel medium. Use decorative paper to cover inside cover adhering with UHU glue stick. Use bone folder to flatten and smooth out any bubbles. 
3.   Cut Tyvek and color with ink and add stamp details.

5.  Add washi tape to further secure the Tyvek to the spine. Allow to dry for at least 5 hours.
6.  Work on panels for front and back covers using Crackle Paste Technique and Polymer Clay Embellishments.
7.  Work on Images you will use in inside covers using Printed Image Upgrade Technique.
8.  Use awl to punch holes into spine where signatures will be attached.
9.   Attach panels to front and back covers using Weldbond glue. Allow to dry flat and use Ziploc plastic bag filled with kitty litter to press panels onto covers.

10.                To further secure the panels use micro screws and screwdriver. This also adds a decorative industrial appeal to my work. 

12.                Smooth out cut screw tips using a cut 2 jeweler file.
13.                Add some shredded paper and distress inks to cover up any areas that were rubbed while filing off micro screw tips.
14.                When panels are dried and secured on front and back covers add images to inside covers using UHU glue stick or Weldbond glue flattening with bone folder.
15.                Use rust pastes, alcohol inks, and acrylic paints to add depth and details to covers. Allow to dry fully.

16.                Add closure to front cover, I am using a Tim Holtz curio knob here, and deerskin lace to back  cover securing with a dab of Weldbond.

17.                Choose Pictorial Scrapbook Paper and  cut along with Southworth Specialty Parchment Copper Paper to create signatures for book. Cut to size using Carl's cutter.
18.                Fold Signatures and place an "X" in top right corner, this will help with orientation when  you are sewing signatures in place.
19.                Make template to punch holes into folded signatures for book. Use awl and wooden cradle to place holes into each signature.

 20.                Using waxed nylon thread attach signatures to spine using long stitch technique.

21. Erase "X's" from top right corner of each signatures.

22.                Attach Artist's Signature Sticker inside of back cover.
24.                Each treasure book is a one-of-a-kind design never to be repeated and is now ready to be released to the world.