Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Where Do We Go From Here? Peek-a-Boo Projects All Grown Up-Part 1

As we begin a new year many often reflect on the year gone by, to weigh what was, goals realized, magical memories made,  the good, the bad; the ugly. 2021 was a year of changes for us, we were skeptical homeowners, wanting to get out of our charming, but in need of repair 1930's brick Cape Cod house in Catonsville, Maryland. We doubted we would ever be able to move into a more suitable condo for our needs. But through incredible circumstances and an amazing realtor agent we managed the impossible in May we moved to our single level ranch condo, just seven minutes from my middle school job.

We returned to full in person learning  this school year, with interruptions made by close contacts and student needing to quarantine for days or weeks depending on the mandate at the moment. I said last year was my most challenging in my 32 years of teaching, I was wrong. This school has proven to be even more challenging as we try to get our student back into a routine and practicing social norms.

My foot is finally one hundred percent healed as I changed podiatrist when we moved and they immediately started me on a new regime of skin grafting. I was unable to attend our largest art show as it was on uneven terrine and my foot could not be forced to endure those conditions. But we have had two very successful shows. Former customers are commenting on how my artwork has become so much brighter. It is amazing what the natural light in our condo has done to evolve my art.      

Many of you ask where I get my creative inspirations, many of them come from my love of nature and a desire to try to be unique and not copy other artist but further my brand. I love to Upcycle my Peek-a-Boo Projects and use them on my Hand Bound Treasure Books and Alter Boxes.

I will be posting my "Top Ten Peek-a-Boo Regenerations of Favorite GSCL Products"

10. My favorite GSLC Frames are often used on my book covers and boxes.

GSLC-Arabian Triptych, GSLC-Reliquary-Arch Top, GSLC-Triptych-Arch Top, GSLC-Triptych-Tower Tops

9. Fern Fronds, Ginkgo Leave, Mushrooms were fantastic  additions to these project.

GSLC Fern Fronds, GSLC Ginkgo Leaves, GSLC Mushrooms Shape Set

8.The picture patchwork tiles make a great addition to book covers also.

Picture Patchwork Tiles-Peek-a-Boo Project Picture P 


7. The Tribal Tidal Pools Project was the inspiration for this book cover.

Tribal Tidal Pools-Peek-a-Boo-Project

6. The  coins from My Coin Collect make nice additions to many book covers.

My Coin Collection-Peek-a-Boo Project

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Yuletide Yearnings-A Peek-a-Boo Project

I love collecting vintage, found family photos or creepy clan cousin curiosities, they are not my relations but I adopt them when I find them especially if I am intrigued by some part of the photograph. Christmas time is a time of family gathering and remembering. These are the inspirations for this artwork.

Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch Top, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Art Deco Corner Set, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Catweed Shape Set, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Ginkgo Leaf Set (Coming Soon), Vintage Photos, Copies of Vintage Photos, Spray Bottle of Water and Rubbing Alcohol, Cheap Hairspray, Heat Tool, Golden Acrylic Paint-Quinacridone Magenta, Jenkins Green, Nickel Azo Yellow, Chromium Oxide Green, Permanent Green Light,  Scorching Yellow and Radiant Yellow, Verde Neon Paint, ColorShift Green Flash Paint, Metallique Wax-Aged Brass, Vintage Gold, Tim Holtz Distress Stain Abandoned Coral, Paintbrush, UHU Gluestick, Washi Tape, One Step Crackle Finish, Colored Pencils, Matte Varnish, Weldbond, Decorative Cardstock, Leaf Punch, Heavy Gel Matte Medium, Cloth Tape, Rust Texture Paste, Spices  

1.  Gather Supplies.

2.  Adopt Your Found Family Photos or Creepy Clan Cousin Curiosities and Make Copies of Them.

3.  To Give a Further Vintage Look Spray with Water, Rubbing Alcohol and Hairspray do a Quick Dry With Heat Tool.

4.   Paint Frame Part of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch Top Randomly with Golden Acrylic Paint-Quinacridone

Magenta and Jenkins Green.

5.  Paint Back Part of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch Top Randomly with Metallique Wax-Aged Brass and Vintage Gold.

6.  Fill in Frame Part of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch Top With Tim Holtz Distress Stain Abandoned Coral.

7.   Prepare Your Found Family Photos or Creepy Clan Cousin Curiosities and Glue to Back Part of Frame with UHU Gluestick.

8.  Paint Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Art Deco Corner Set, Randomly with Golden Acrylic Paint-Quinacridone

Magenta and Jenkins Green.

9.   Attach GSLC Art Deco Corner to Back of Top of GSLC Arch Frame.

10.                Add a Border of Washi Tape to Top of Photo Copies.

11.                Put a Thin Coat of One Step Crackle Finish Over Entire Prepared Back Frame Portion. Dry Overnight.

12.                Use Colored Pencils to Fill in Cracks. Seal With Matte Varnish.

13.                Paint GSLC Ginkgo leaves with  Scorching Yellow and Radiant Yellow Neon Paint and Golden Nickel Azo Yellow Paint.

14.                Paint Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Catweed Shape Set with Golden Chromium Oxide Green, Permanent Green Light, Verde Neon Paint, and ColorShift Green Flash Paint.

15.                Glue Front Frame to Back Part of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch Top and Hold in Place With Clips.

16.                Use Leaf Punch to Cut Out Branches from Colorful Cardstock.

17.                Use Heavy Gel Matte Medium to Assemble Floral Embellishments, Pressing Into Place with Clips.

18.                Use Rust Texture Paste and Spices to add Patina and Tie Together Overall  Assemblage.

19.                Use Cloth Tape to Connect Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Triptych Arch Top Frames Together, Cover Back with Decorative Paper if You are Keeping Triptych as One. I'll be Using Them as Separate Book Panels.

 Some Final Thoughts.

Yuletide Blessings

-Lady Ravenhill

A new dawn breaks this

White Yuletide Morn’,

Light tickles scraps of paper and

Pine needles that still litter the floor.

The window sill a glitter

With a fresh sprinkle of snow,

And gentle Sun through frosted panes

Makes the Ol’ Mistletoe glow.

Do you remember when we lay

Beneath the Ol’ Holly tree,

And all the sweet nothings

You whispered to me?

Now the Ol’ Holly’s pointed leaves

Adorned with ribbons o’ red

To honor our Ancestors

Both alive, lost and dead.

This Yuletide Morn’ sees us through

The longest of winter nights,

And brings blessings of life anew

With each days growing light.

For with the springs’ bloomin’ tulips

And the new wobbly fauns,

The next Solstice will see

Our own new life dawn.

 I found this song titled

Yearning Yuletide by Zans Harkov

He writes:

I use to DJ for the Cruise industry (Nearly 10 years) and got to see the world. As fun as that was, work was always difficult if you were out during the Holidays. I remember starring out at the most beautiful, picturesque scenes but, deep down I truly wished I was home. So this track is a dedication to all the hard working individuals that are out there working hard during the holidays.

 May wherever you find yourself this Yuletide season my wishes for you are most clear.

an Everlasting Love that gently guides,

you to an Inner Peace that stays;

Joys to carry you when goodness hides,

and Hope always in better days.