Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Monster TV-The Idiot's Lantern-A Peek-a-Boo Project

Having not grown up with a television in our house, it consumed me when I finally got my own 12 inch black and white TV when I moved into my first apartment many, many years ago.  I also never understood or was interested in Sci-Fi, that was introduced to me years later by my life partner who loves all things science fiction. It was he who brought me to the wonderful worlds of Dr. Who. These are the inspiration for this artwork. 

Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Creepy Critters, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Tiny TV Standard, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Tiny TV Retro, Gauze Cardstock, Golden Acrylic Paint- Chromium Oxide Green, Raw Umber, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Paintbrush, Green Mica Powder, Silver Mica Powder, Paintbrush, Weldbond, Prepared Dragon Eye Polymer Clay Cabochons, Scissors, Wire Cutters

1.  Gather Supplies.

2.  Randomly Paint GSLC Tiny TV Retro and Creepy Critters Larger Bat With Golden Acrylic Paint- Chromium Oxide Green and Raw Umber.

3.  Dust With Green Mica Powder.

4.   Seal with Matte Varnish.

5.  Randomly Paint GSLC Tiny TV Standard, and GSLC Creepy Critters Smaller Bat With Golden Acrylic Paint-Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Raw Umber.

6.  Dust With Silver Mica Powder.

7.   Seal with Matte Varnish

8.  Cut Out a Piece of Gauze Cardstock and Glue to Back Portion of GSLC Tiny TV-Retro and Standard.

9. Choose Prepared Dragon Eye Polymer Clay Cabochons and Trim Wire Cutters to Fit Inside of Painted GSLC Tiny TV Retro/Standard Frames.

10.               Stack and Use Weldbond to Glue GSLC Tiny TV Retro/Standard Frames Together.

11.               Allow to Dry Fully Using Clips to Secure Into Place.

12.               Glue GSLC Creepy Critter Bats to Back of GSLC Tiny TVs, Cutting Smaller Bat for Back of Standard TV.

13.               Glue Prepared Dragon Eye Polymer Clay Cabochons to Inside of Each GSLC TV Frame.


Some Final Thoughts.

We did not grow up with a television because my parents thought it was evil we just could not afford it and lived in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania before cable, and dish TV. Antenna TV channels were few at best, neighbors had TVs and it was a real treat to go watch Saturday Cartoons or Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, Grizzly Adams, Wonderful World of Disney, The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. These shows were magical to my imaginative impressionable mind but did not prepare me for the bazillion of TV shows I would later see.

Dr. Who, The Idiot's Lantern, is set in 1953 Great Britain with all huddled around their television sets to witness the great event of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, but beneath the celebrations, there are rumors of monsters on the streets, and the tormented Mr. Magpie is hiding a  strange and alien secret within tiny television shoppe.  

"I hear they rot your brains. Rot them into soup. And your Brains come pouring out of your ears. That's what television does"-Grandmother

Rose-"Look at all the TV aerials. Looks like everyone's got one, my nan said tellys were so rare they all had to pile into one house."

Magpie-"Not 'round here, luv, Magpie's marvelous tellys, only five quid a pop."

Doctor-"Oh this is a brilliant year! Classic Technicolor. Everest climbed. Everything off the ration. A nation throwing off the shadows of war and looking forward to a happier, brighter future."


Also who can forget the iconic imagery from Poltergeist of Carol Ann's Creepy pronouncement, "They're Here!!" as she embraces the static, eerily glowing television set.

Steve-"Looks like something's funny going on here next door. Something."

Diane-"We were wondering if maybe you had experienced any disturbances?"

Tuthill-"What kind of disturbances?"

Diane-"Oh, you know, like dishes or furniture moving around by themselves." 

" Television is the Monster in your home. And it's called a program for a reason. Your television is nothing more than an electronic mind altering device. It has been designed to psychologically change the ways you view reality" Morgan Freeman

I for one am grateful for the amazing worlds that television has taken me to and allowed me to experience life more fully and taught me truths I needed to learn.





Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Le Chat Noir Reimagined-A Peek-a-Boo Project

                    There is a famous poster referred to  as "Le Chat                     Noir", it is actually an ad for the entertainers, who                 also performed outside of the Paris cabaret and                         specialized in unique pieces of shadow theater                         inspired by the Chinese shadow puppet shows, this is             the inspiration for this artwork.

Supplies: Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Creepy Critters, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Cafe Table & Chairs Set, Cigar Box Lid, Tim Holtz Worn Wallpaper and Abandoned Paper, UHU Gluestick, Matte Varnish, Golden Acrylic Paints-Transparent Red iron Oxide, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Magenta, Neon Pink Paint, Vintage Gold Aged Brass Metallique Wax, Paintbrush,  TH Distress Stain  Bundled Sage, Black Embossing Paste, Pure Sheen Black Glitter, Golden Heavy Gel Matte Medium,

1.  Gather Supplies.

2.  Use UHU Gluestick to Adhere Tim Holtz Worn Wallpaper and Abandoned Paper to Cigar Box Lid.

3.  Coat with Matte Varnish.

4.   Paint Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Cafe Table & Chairs Set with Golden Acrylic Paints-Transparent Red iron Oxide, Burnt Sienna, Quinacridone Magenta.

5.  Add Highlights and Patina with Neon Pink Paint, Vintage Gold Aged Brass Metallique Wax and a Paintbrush.

6.  A Happy Accident Happened when Drying My Covered Cigar Box Lid, Some of the Paper Stuck and Peeled Off. I Added TH Distress Stain  Bundled Sage to it.

7.   Use UHU Gluestick to Attach Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Cafe Table & Chairs Set to the Covered Cigar Box Lid.

8.  Coat Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Creepy Critters  with Black Embossing Paste and  Sprinkle With Pure Sheen Black Glitter While Still Wet.

9.  Once Fully Dry Use Golden Heavy Gel Matte Medium to Attach Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Creepy Critters to Covered Cigar Box Lid.

10.                Dry Fully Pressing Down With Heavy Container.

11.                Coat Entire Piece With Matte Varnish to Give a Uniform  Feel.


Some Final Thoughts.

Le Chat Noir cabaret is thought to be one of the first avant-garde to open its doors in the Montmartre neighborhood in 1881 attracting Bohemians and Bourgeoisie alike from near and far to the colorful medieval-inspired interior. It was a place where aristocracy and common people could partake in all the pleasures it offered, and come and go as they pleased. An eclectic encampment of eccentrics. How I wish more places like this existed, a mixed-media artist's merry-land.

"The avant-garde in every field consists of the lonely, the friendless, the uninvited. All progress is the product of the unpopular"        -Chuck Palahniuk

A Bohemian can be described as unconventional or nonconformist, a gypsy or wander, a free-spirited person who believes in truth, freedom, and love. They can be marginalized and left on the fringes of good society.

"I'd rather play here with all the madmen, for I am quite content, they're all as sane as me." -David Bowie

"I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference"-Robert Frost

"I do my thing, and you do your thing, I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in the world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful" -Frederick E. Perl


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Egyptian Enchantment-A Peek-a-Boo Project

I have always been fascinated by the Pyramids of Egypt and wonder how they were actually built. There are many myths and theories of how they came into being, they are the inspiration for this artwork. 

Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Hieroglyphics, Old Book Cover, Resin Scarab, Golden Acrylic Paints-Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow, Lumiere Metallic Copper Paint, Scarab Mold, Brown and Gray StazOn Ink, Script Stamp, Heavy Gel Matte Medium, Copper, Blue, and Scarlet  Thread, Needle, Embroidery Thread, Scrap Bookboard, Weldbond

1.  Collect Supplies

2.  Use Resin Scarab As Focal Point

3.  Decide on Arrangement of GSLC Hieroglyphics.

4.  Use Golden Acrylic Paints-Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow to Paint GSLC Hieroglyphics in Chosen Pattern.

5.  Use Lumiere Metallic Copper Paint on Scarab Mold to Add Pattern to Painted GSLC Hieroglyphics.

6.  Use Brown and Gray StazOn Ink and Script Stamp on Old Book Cover.


7.  Use Heavy Gel Matte Medium to Place GSLC Hieroglyphics and Resin Scarab Into Chosen Patterns.

8.  Once Completely Dry Use a Needle to Randomly Sew  Copper, Blue, and Scarlet  Threads Onto Your Artpiece.

9.  Use a Needle to Add the Embroidery Thread to the Outside of Artpiece to Form a Frame.

10.                Seal in All Loose Threads Using Weldbond and a Piece of Cut Bookboard.

Some Final Thoughts.

An explanation of some of the Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Scarab symbolizes renewal and rebirth, The Ankh-sometimes said to be the Key of Life or the Key of the Nile-is representative of eternal life and balance of life, The Eye of Ra symbolizes protection that comes from power, violence and fury, while the Eye of Horus symbolizes regeneration, healing, and divine protection from the gods, The Snake could be seen as both dangerous and helpful, when attached to the front of a Pharaoh's crown it likely represents the Goddess Wadjet and was hoped to ensure protection, the Bird also may represent rebirth, the Egyptians believed that when someone died, Their soul would be taken by a bird to live with Osiris on his throne, The Lotus Flower is the national flower of Egypt, and the Pillar or Djed represents stability and strength.