Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Little Red Riding Hood Takes a Different Path-A Peek-a-Boo Project

As I have mentioned before "Into the Woods" is one of my all-time favorite musicals. In this Month of February, I'll be honoring LRRH and her song I know Things Now

Mother said, "Straight ahead"

Not to delay or be mislead

I should have headed her advice

But he seemed so nice

And he showed me things

Many beautiful things

That I hadn't thought to explore

They were off my path

So I never had dared

I had been so careful

I never had cared

And he made me feel excited

Well, excited and scared

When he said, "Come in!"

With that sickening grin

How could I know what was in store?

Once his teeth were bared

Though, I really got scared

Well, excited and scared

But he drew me close

And he swallowed me down

Down a dark slimy path

Where lie secrets that I never want to know

And when everything familiar

Seemed to disappear forever

At the end of the path

Was Granny once again

So we lay in the dark

'Til you came and set us free

And you brought us to the light

And we're back at the start

And I know things now

Many valuable things

That I hadn't known before

Do not put your faith

In a cape and a hood

They will not protect you

The way that they should

And take extra care with strangers

Even flowers have their dangers

And though scary is exciting

Nice is different than good

Now I know: Don't be scared

Granny is right, Just be prepared

Isn't it nice to know a lot!

And a little bit not

Songwriters: Stephen Sondheim

Supplies:  GSLC Chunky ATC Blanks, Printed LRRH Book Covers, Scissors, Weldbond, Black Sharpie, Scraps of Pictorial Papers, Peacock Feathers and Twisted Citron Distress Oxide, DecoArt One Step Crackle, Small Plastic Pallet Knife, Colored Pencils, Matte Gel Medium, Paper and Parchment for Book Pages, Clips, Ruler with Spaced Holes, Drill, Spiral Wire Binder, Metal Cutters

    1.  Gather Materials

      2.  Print LRRH Book Covers Reimaging to fit GSLC              Chunky ATC Blanks.

    3.  Cut and Glue Covers to GSLC  Chunky ATC Blanks.

    4.  Cut and Glue Decorative Pictorial Papers to Back of GSLC Chunky ATC Blanks.

    5.  Use Black Sharpie to Edge the Prepared GSLC Chunky ATC Blanks.


    6.  Use Peacock Feathers and Twisted Citron Distress Oxide and  Small Plastic Pallet Knife to add Patina to Chunky ATCs

    7.  Use Small Plastic Pallet Knife to Add DecoArt One Step Crackle to Front of ATCs.

    8.  Once Fully dry Use Colored Pencils to Fill in Cracks, then Seal with Matte Gel Medium.

    9.  Resize LRRH Covers, then  Print, Cut and add to Inside of GSLC CHUNKY ATCs.

    10.                Cut Paper and Parchments to Make Pages for Miniature Books.

    11.                I Added 21-24 Pages to Each Book and Held them Together  with a Clip.

    12.                Using a Ruler with Spaced Holes to Add Holes to Covers.

    13.                Drill Holes with Hand Drill.

    14.                Use Spiral Wire Binder to hold Books Together. Cutting off Excess Wire with Wire Cutter.

Some Final Thoughts.

The origins of the Little Red Riding Hood Story can be traced back to 10th century Italy, written by Charles Perrault and a later version by the German Brothers, Grimm.


The original 'Little Red Riding Hood' story was considered to be a disturbing tale of deceit and cunningness. Later on, many sanitized stories were released for the sake of children.


I like that Little Red Riding Hood can teach us many lessons and remind us not to be fooled by Wolves in Sheep's Clothing or even Grandmother's. I also like things are not always what they seem and sometimes the wolf is not the one to blame and pretty is often only skin deep. Let’s be willing to look at both sides of the story.





Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Sacred Hearts A Stirring-A Peek-a-Boo-Project

I have always been fascinated with religious icons and have used them in my artwork frequently. In this the month of Valentines I will be featuring the Sacred Heart and of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Chaste Heart of Joseph. They are slightly different in their designs and many artists have embellished them to their own liking or understanding. The Sacred Heart of Jesus normally has a cross piercing the heart, with burning flames and thorns. The Immaculate Heart of Mary has all the same symbols but sometimes a sword instead of a cross that pierces her heart and some sort of roses. The Chaste Heart of Joseph in normally a flaming heart encircled with lilies. These are the inspirations for this artwork.

Supplies:  GSLC-Small Tag Set, Lace Art Foamie, Collage Set of Sacred Hearts, Printed Backs of Playing Cards, Decorative Cut Scissors, Design Cream Gold, White Gesso, Paint Brush, Weldbond, Brown and Green Acrylic Paint, Brayer, Wash of Diluted Brown Acrylic Paint, Red and Blue Pearl Drops,

1.  Gather Supplies

2.  Print Collage Set of Sacred Hearts, and Backs of Playing Cards.  Reimage to Fit GSLC Small Tags.

3.  Use Decorative Cut Scissors to Cut Out Sacred Heart Images and regular scissors to cut Playing Card Backs.

4.  Use Lace Art Foamie and White Gesso to print one Side of GSLC Small Tags.

5.  Paint the Other Side of GSLC Small Tags with Gold Design Cream.
6.  Use Weldbond to Attach the Sacred Heats and Playing Card Backs to the Prepared GSLC Small Tags.
        7.  To Add Patina, use a Brayer to Roll on Brown and Green     Acrylic Paints. To Add Further Patina Dilute Brown Acrylic
Paint and Randomly Fill in Any desired Locations.

8.  Add Red and Blue Pearl Dots in Patterns of your choosing.


9.  Use a Blue Highlighter to Add Random Bits of Blue to your GSLC Small Tags.

Some Final Thoughts.

I’ll never love as Jesus did and sacrifice what he did. I’m a simple man who tries to share loving kindness with all I meet. I’m not meant to change the world in grand ways but in smaller encounters along my pathway of life. I want to always be mindful of those who love me more than I deserve and have unconditionally treasured me in my stumbling ways. I am blessed by a husband who encourages me in my art and talks me through my cranky places.


This poem by Hannah L gives words to my thoughts.

                          Thank You

Thank You

For Loving me TRUE,

For Being No One but you,

For Holding my Hand,

And Helping me Stand.

Thank You

For Never Giving Up

And Never getting Stuck

In the Dark Places

Where Only Love Shines.


Thank You

For the Kind Letters

That make me Feel Better.

For Putting up with me,

And Loving What you see.


Thank You

Now and Forever,

Remember, I’ll Never

Stop Loving You.

What I say is True;

I Mean it from my Heart,

Even when It’s Dark.


Thank You