Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Witching Hour--A Peek-a-Boo-Project

In Folklore, the witching hour or devil’s hour is the time of night when supernatural creatures are thought to be their most powerful, a time of magic and mischief. One of our favorite musicals is “Wicked” the untold story or the re-imagining of “The Wizard of Oz.”  More recently I’ve started following “Nocturne” a storytelling show that explores the night, the landscape of the unseen, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviors transform in the dark. These are the inspirations for this instillation.

Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-ATC Shrine - Time, Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Trading Coin Covers Halloween, Metallic Green Acrylic Paints, Paintbrush, TH Distress Stain Crushed Olive, Allure Forest Foliage Embossing Powder, Heat Tool, Weldbond, Photocopy of Witch, Glossy Accents, Skull Stamp, Black Permanent Ink Pad, Transparency Scrap, Scrap TH Abandoned Paper, Circle Template, Pen, Watercolors, Paper Clay, Metal Clamps, TH Clock Key, Screwdriver 
1.  Cover all pieces of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-ATC Shrine - Time with a variety of green Metallic Paints. Do this quickly and randomly use a dry brush technique.
2.  Once dry, fill in any empty spaces with TH Crushed Olive Distress Stain.

3.  Working quickly before pieces dry, sprinkle with Allure Forest Foliage Embossing Powders.
4.  Cure with a Heat Tool.
5.  Assemble GSLC ATC Time Shrine and secure with Weldbond.

6.  Make a photocopy of a witch of your choosing. Decide what type of material you want to print it on.

7.  Cut and secure to inside of GSLC ATC Time Shrine using Glossy Accent as an adhesive. Once in gently coat photocopy with a thin layer of Glossy Accent.

8.  Use a skull stamp and black permanent ink to make a transparency to put behind clock face.

9.  Trace with a circle template and glue to a Scrap of TH Abandoned Paper using Weldbond.

10.                Take apart Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Trading Coin Covers Halloween.  Trimmed cat on fence so that I could use it inside the shrine.
11.                Paint coin covers with watercolors.

12.                Use a metallic green paint to paint the edges of coin covers.
13.                Use a bit of paper clay to make a ledge to secure cat on a fence piece inside the shrine. Securing with Weldbond.

14.                Paint with green paint and sprinkle with Allure Forest Foliage Embossing Powder and Set with a Heat Tool.

15.                Attach two Coin covers to clock face, one inside and one outside. Secure in place with metal clamps.
16.                Once dry add a TH Clock Key as a handle securing with a Screwdriver and adding a bit of Weldbond.

 Some Final Thoughts. I like the idea of magic and mischief cohabiting in the midnight hours and re-imaging long-held perspectives.  Wicked Quotes: “Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly”
“I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn, we are led to those who help us grow the most if we let them, and we help them in return. Well, I don’t know if that is true. But I know I am today because I knew you.”
“The trouble with school is they always teach the wrong lesson. Believe me, I’ve been kicked out of enough to know. They want you to become less callow, less shallow, But I say ‘Why invite stress in? Stop studying strife and learn to live the unexamined life.’”
I have several favorite episodes of “Nocturne” among them being “I’m a Monster” a gay man journey into embracing his true self as he portrays a monster in haunted attractions, “Finding the Void” about a secret apartment hidden in the bowels of a giant mall, and “Blackfish” the story of Malcolm Saunders, a fishermen from Cornwall, on the southern tip of the UK. These a just a few of my most revisited episodes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Altered Relations-A Peek-a-Boo-Project

I’m one of many who love finding old pictures at antique stores, online, or if we are lucky maybe our family’s attic. These often have no known name and become adopted as our “Found Relatives”. These are the inspirations for this instillation with a Halloween Twist.


Supplies:  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Lace Frame, Photocopies of “Found Relatives”. Transparency of Halloween Masks, Pencil, Red Cardstock, Scissors, Embossing Ink with a Roller Applicator, Allure Oil Rubbed Bronze and Hammered Metal Embossing Powder, Heating Tool, Acrylic Paint-Copper, Black, Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold, Paintbrush, Weldbond, Glossy Accent, Sharpie
1.  Start by making Photocopies of “Found Relatives” and Transparency of Halloween Masks.
2.  Alter Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts-Lace Frames using Embossing Ink with a Roller Applicator and Allure Oil Rubbed Bronze and Hammered Metal Embossing Powders, Curing with a Heating Tool.
3.  Once Cooled Added Patina Using Acrylic Paint-Copper, Black, Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold and a Paintbrush.
4.   Place Halloween Masks Over “Found Relatives” transforming them into “Altered Relations”. For this first go around, I taped them to photocopies and printed again.
5.  I traced around inner circle of GSLC Lace Frames and glued “Altered Relations” to back before gluing down to red cardstock using Weldbond.
6.  I dried them flat and was very surprised and disappointed when I looked at them the next day. The glue had bled the photocopies and they were no longer useful.

7.  So, the mother of invention, out of necessity, I had to come up with a second plan.
8.  With new photocopies of “Found Relatives” and new transparency masks, I used Glossy Accents to attach the masks.
9.  Once dry I used a sharpie to trace the new “Altered Relations” and glued them to the center of the GSLC Lace Frames.
10.                Once they were dried flat, I added a layer of Glossy Accent to make it appear as if the GSLC Lace Frames has a Glass Insert.
11.                Final step was to fussy cut GSLC Lace Frames from the Red Card stock.

Some Final Thoughts.